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CISA, NSA, FBI, and International Partners Release Updated Secure by Design Guidance

10/16/2023 09:30 AM EDT

Today, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), National Security Agency (NSA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released an update to Shifting the Balance of Cybersecurity Risk: Principles and Approaches for Security-by- Design and -Default with the following international partners:

  • Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)
  • Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS)
  • United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-UK)
  • Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • Netherland’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL)
  • Norway’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC-NO)
  • Computer Emergency Response Team New Zealand (CERT NZ) and New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NZ)
  • Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)
  • Israel’s National Cyber Directorate (INCD)
  • Japan’s National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) and Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (JPCERT)
  • Network of Government Cyber Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) Americas
  • Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)
  • Czech Republic’s National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB)
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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and data from cyberattacks that can cause harm or theft.

Cybersecurity is essential for individuals, organizations, and governments to safeguard their privacy, security, and reputation.

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Penetration testing tools: These are tools that help security professionals simulate cyberattacks on their own systems or networks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

Some examples of penetration testing tools are Kali Linux, Metasploit, and Nmap.

Data-centric security: These are tools that help protect data from unauthorized access or use, regardless of where it is stored or processed.

Some examples of data-centric security tools are Voltage SecureData, Protegrity Data Protection Platform, and IBM Security Guardium Data Protection.

Firewall: This is a tool that helps control the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predefined rules. Firewall can help block or allow specific connections, ports, protocols, or applications.

Some examples of firewall tools are Windows Defender Firewall, pfSense, and iptables.

VPN: This is a tool that helps create a secure and encrypted connection between a device and a remote network. VPN can help hide the IP address, location, and online activity of the device.

Some examples of VPN tools are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and ProtonVPN.

Penetration testing tools

Penetration testing tools can help improve security posture, test security defenses, and comply with security standards.

Data-centric security

Data-centric security can help encrypt, mask, tokenize, or anonymize data to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Firewall can help prevent unauthorized access, filter malicious traffic, and monitor network activity.


VPN can help bypass geo-restrictions, access censored content, and protect data from interception.

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