This section should outline the steps involved in responding to a cybersecurity incident, from detection and containment to eradication and recovery.

This section should identify the different roles and responsibilities involved in the incident response process, as well as the communication channels that will be used.

This section should provide a detailed overview of each section of the playbook, including the specific steps that should be taken at each stage of the incident response process.

This section can be used to identify and assess the risks faced by your organization, and to prioritize incident response activities accordingly.


This section can be used to assess the potential impact of a cybersecurity incident on your organization's business operations.

This section can be used to develop a plan for communicating with stakeholders during a cybersecurity incident.

This section can be used to include additional information, such as templates, checklists, and contact information. This section can be used to document the lessons learned from previous cybersecurity incidents, and to inform future incident response activities.